11-12 MARCH 2023

Welcome to Córdoba City Race!

The Orienteering Club Los Califas, supported by the Federación Andaluza de Orientación (FADO Federación Española de Orientación (FEDO), Ayuntamiento de Córdoba through the Instituto Municipal de Deportes de Córdoba (IMDECO) and the Diputación de Córdoba, want to welcome you to the Cordoba City Race, an event framed in the Euro City Race Tour.

Cordoba will be the centerpiece of a weekend in which we will enjoy two events: a middle distance of the Spanish Orienteering League and an urban long distance within the City Race Tour circuit. There will also be time to enjoy the gastronomy and free time in our city.

We look forward to seeing you from 10 to 12 March 2023!

Euro City Race

The European City Race Tour is a league of urban orienteering events in the most famous European cities. This tour usually takes all participants to wonderful locations within the cities themselves, with challenging courses for all categories and spectacular controls at some of Europe’s most incredible tourist attractions. These events are designed to allow participants to combine orienteering in an urban environment with sightseeing routes, good accommodation and local gastronomy.

In the urban environment, the European City Race gives visibility to the public and media to increase the popularity of orienteering and attract cheering crowds.

“Los Califas” Club

Los Califas Orienteering Club is a sports club from Cordoba (Spain) founded on November 24th, 1999. In its beginnings it was born as almost all the clubs, for the family and friends with an incipient interest in this sport discipline. In recent years it has reached many schools and municipalities in the province thanks to the support received from both public institutions and various private entities.

We currently have members of all ages who regularly attend regional and national competitions in different categories. We also organise various provincial league events, as well as having extensive experience in organising events at regional, national and international level.


Race Director:  Eros Camacho Ruiz
Technical Director: Antonio Olivares Morilla
Sportident Controller: Abel Jesús Otero Ramirez
FEDO Controller: Santiago Del Moral Durá
Course Race Planner: Antonio Olivares Morilla
Start Controller: Elena María Guerra Domínguez
End Controller: Antonio Delgado Contreras
Secretary: Virginia Ruiz Baños
Social media: Carolina Gómez Pinto

FEDO Controller: Santiago Del Moral Durá

The event follows the regulations set by the OPIE Rules of the International Orienteering Federation (IOF):

The rules set out in the OPIE Regulations of the Spanish Orienteering Federation (FEDO):

The rules set by the City Race Euro Tour (CRET):

Cordoba is a Spanish city located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, in a region called Andalusia. Within this region it is located in a relatively central area. There are several ways to get to Cordoba:

By plane, the nearest airports are in Seville and Malaga.


By train, there is a direct link with other cities by high speed train (AVE): Madrid, Seville, Malaga or Granada, and also by medium distance train from Seville or Malaga. You can check availability at http://www.renfe.com/.

By personal vehicle, it can be easily reached by road via the A-4. There is also a bus station, information on which can be found at https://www.alsa.es/.

The “Suelo Duro” is placed in Alcolea Hall..Location.

Registrations will be made through the platforms enabled for registration to the event. Regarding the competition areas, it is estimated that it will take about 25 minutes to drive from the Hall to the Finca del Patriarca, where the Medium race will be held, and about 15 minutes to drive to the Miraflores Park, the starting point for the long race.


For transportation to Cordoba, you can use the bus line: Line E. The routes are attached in the following link. As well as the schedules of the same in the following link.

You can also travel to Cordoba by train. The schedules are attached in the following link.

Tourist information, as well as hotel information can be consulted at https://www.turismodecordoba.org/

MARCH 10th
Alcolea Hall * 

17:00 Dorsal pickingup****


20:30 Hall Opening
MARCH 11th
El Patriarca Park
08:30 Competition Center Opening
09:00 First runner starting
14:00 End closing
Botanical Garden of Cordoba***

17:00 Cultural sightseeing

CLOSE: 17:30

Cordoba’s Old Town
20:00 Gastronomic Route**
MARCH 12th
08:30 Competition Center Opening
09:00 First runner starting
15:00 End closing
Corredera Square
14:30 Trophy Ceremony

* Modification with respect to Bulletin 2.
** Finally, there will be a free entrance to the Botanical Garden of Cordoba. For this, the credentials of the event must be presented.
*** You could download the gastronomic route in the next link: Link.
**** The race dorsal can be picked up at any time at the competition centers. Although we recommend doing it on Friday.

The Competition Centres will be distributed as follows and according to each day:

It will be located in the Alcolea Hall Accomodation. You will be able to pick up your race dorsal there.


It will be located in El Patriarca Park.



It will be located in El Arenal.


The categories into which the event will be divided are as follows:

•  Medium Distance. LEO Ranking. Saturday 11 March 2023.

El Patriarca Park

•  Long Distance. CERT Ranking + LEO Ranking. Sunday 12 March 2023.

El Arenal

As it can be observed the LEO and CERT Ranking Categories are different. As the City Race counts for LEO Ranking, a relation between categories must be made. All the races will be valid for LEO Ranking, Andalusian League Ranking and Provincial Ranking. The following table shows the relationship between the two types of categories.

** Modification with respect to Bulletin 1.

Registrations will be made throught the next ways:
Federated runners: SICOFEDO platform (
Foreigner runners: through the next link (
Nonfederated runners: through the next link (
Nonfederated and foreigner runners must make a transfer to the next bank account and then, submit the receipt to
orientacioncalifas@gmail.com :

ES82 3001 0075 4175 1000 1557

** SIAC hire: 3€ / 1 Day. 5€ / 2 Days.
Pay by hand when picking up the dorsal number.
Deposit required by ID card or €50 to be handed in on the day of the race. It will be returned when the SIAC is recovered.

There will be a Runner’s Bag with various gifts for all participants of the TWO EVENTS.

In addition to this, TWO 50€ COUPONS sponsored by TiendaDeOrientación, to spend in their shop, will be raffled for all participants competing in the TWO EVENTS.

There will be prizes sponsored by HAMMAN and Carbonell as well as trophies and medals for the winners of the Cordoba City Race and also for the winners of the sum of the times of the two races.

The Organization will install a kindergarten in the Competition Center to take care of the little ones during the race.

To hire the service, you only have to register during registration. The cost is 2€ per day.